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Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices

Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices

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Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices

This article is intended for those looking for an alternative to the X3 bar. We will be looking at some of the highest quality portable solutions for home gyms that use resistance straps. What we want to find is equipment with similar characteristics that enable similar training experiences (and results).

Why resistance tires?

Studies have shown that training with variable resistance and resistance tires is superior to conventional training with a free weight of , increasing power and developing. So even if you like kettlebells in the gym, you’ll always want to stop training in groups to gain strength and weight. Or maybe you just want to train the resistance at home or on the road.

There are a number of portable home fitness machines that use this concept of variable resistance, with the X3 Bar being one of the best known on themarket.


Thanks to this scientifically designed device, developed by Dr. John Jakisch, you can grow your muscles up to three times faster than lifting a free weight (according to the official website). And for maximum efficiency, all you have to do is train for 10 minutes a day. There’s a complete 12-week training plan with video and nutritional information to create a complete all-in-one solution that can replace (or supplement) your gym membership. The X3-Bar is very popular and has thousands of fans, but it has one big flaw.

X3 Bar price

Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices Most home gyms that use resistance elastics cost about 200-300 dollars. Or maybe a little less if you follow the do-it-yourself track and build your own bar and separately bought bands.

However, the X3 Bar costs $549. Not really cheap for a system that essentially consists of a stem, resistant strips and a base.

We will not discuss in this article whether it is worth it or not (this point will be discussed later in the more detailed presentation of X3 Bar). Instead, we are looking at alternatives to the X3 bar to ensure that you can benefit from similar training on all the other cheaper portable training devices on the market.

Top X3 Bar alternatives in 2020

BodyBoss 2.0 Home gym n°1 (most similar to X3 Bar + maximum resistance)

Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper ChoicesAre you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices The Bodyboss 2.0 Home Gym is the best selling portable exercise device for home use with resistance bands in 2020. It is very similar to the X3 Bar in that it has an anchor plate, bar and tape and is a complete exercise system that can replace the more expensive traditional exercise equipment.

It is very portable and can be used at home, outdoors, in the gym or while travelling. It weighs just 15 pounds, comes with a travel bag for your accessories and can be folded in half for easy storage (it even has handles).

Bodyboss 2.0 is extremely versatile and you can do thousands of exercises – crouching, queuing, flying, hitchhiking, turning, stretching and much more. You will receive a user manual, training videos, training plans and everything you need to get started, hurry up and achieve your goals. There are over 100 live and recorded training videos available, and they even allow you to talk to your personal trainer in person if you need help.

Comes with base, rod, 2 or 4 straps (up to 30 lbs each), strap/loop, handles and door anchor. The tapes can simulate a resistance of over 185 pounds if they are shortened (and you can order more if you need more tension). In total, the platform can carry up to 500 pounds.

It is suitable for all sizes and shapes and is an excellent way to burn fat and build muscle. This allows you to simulate almost any exercise you could do in the gym. The Body Boss is much more versatile than the X3 Bar because you can use it for endless exercises, cardio and weight gain (X3 Bar mainly for bodybuilding).

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#2 Gorilla Arch

Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper ChoicesAre you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices Gorilla Onion is an onion-shaped fitness device that allows you to do a variety of exercises aimed at all major muscle groups. The nose (or stem) is made of T6 quality aluminium and can carry 300 pounds. Resistance straps of different tensions can easily be attached (or exchanged) at the ends in seconds, making this fitness equipment very easy to use.

The original arch comes with 4 resistance tires that together give a pressure of 110 lbs, but you can buy an extra set of heavy or very heavy tires. The super heavy tyres are composed of 2 x 80 lbs. and 2 x 90 lbs. Strips with a total weight of 340 lbs. Up to 4 channels can be added to the bar at the same time.

There is a library of free training videos that show you how to use them. You can perform many weight lifting exercises, including knee bends, calf lifts, squats, lungs, rows, dead weight lifts, biceps, chest presses and much more. Gorilla onions can also be used for tabata and HIIT training of the whole body.

There is also a travel nose (the nose can be divided into 3 sections to make travelling easier) and a lighter, smaller and easier to pinch nose (for beginners).

For more information you can read our comments about Gorilla Arch here or click the button to view Amazon customer reviews:

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#3 Toner voltage

Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices Tension Toner consists of 2 non-latex elastic bands (2-5 lbs and 15-20 lbs), door anchors, instruction booklets and a travel bag for carrying straps and accessories. When folded, the TSA measures only 16 inches, weighs only 2 pounds, is easy to use and can easily be stored in a carrying case.

There are over 70 exercises for each muscle group as well as 10 and 30 minutes of online training programs.

To use it, remove the live rods. The middle belts are flattened and you need to keep enough tension on the bars so that the belts stay flat with every movement. Voltage toner has 3 built-in resistance levels.

It is small, versatile and the cheapest option. Compared to the X3 bar, although it is intended more for fitness and tone than for building a large muscle mass.

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Key features to be considered in the X3-baguettealternative

Are you looking for an X3 Bar Alternative? Top 3 Cheaper Choices Resistance

The resistance level is the amount of tension exerted by the belt during training. Belts are generally available with different tension levels, such as light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. Each stress level is associated with a certain weight in pounds/kg and different zones can be used for different exercises (depending on the weight/resistance level). The highest stretch band of the X3 Bar is 120 pounds, which can be doubled with a second band of 120 pounds for a tension of 240 pounds.

The X3 bar alternatives listed below generally do not have as high voltages as those not designed for lifts. However, strips can be doubled or shortened to increase strength and additional strips with a higher tension can be purchased.


Since all these drive sets are based on resistance tires, rods and anchor plates, they are all relatively light and portable. It is very easy to throw the car away while driving without taking up a lot of space. Even if you cannot carry them all in your hand luggage, they should all be small and light enough to fit in the checked baggage.

Will there be weight training?

The X3 Bar is sold as muscle gain 3 times faster than free weight. Although this statement may seem unrealistic and perhaps a hype, it points to specific studies and researches that prove the effectiveness of resistance groups in the development of muscle and strength. No matter how fast you build muscle, any resistance group system can build muscle mass if you do exercises that target different muscle groups. You need to get to work and follow the recommended training.

Training programme including

All these home rooms can be used for many different exercises, but to get the best results, you need to follow the right program. Preferably with training videos that show how the individual exercises are performed. All our best selections above are accompanied by easy-to-use training programs.

Final reflection

The alternative X3 bar kits mentioned above are high quality fitness equipment in themselves, but do not necessarily have to have the same impact force for weightlifters. In fact, there is no competitor for the X3 Bar as big as Exact at the moment, although you can set up something similar by buying a bar and tires from Amazon. Realistically, it will probably cost you 150 dollars or less, but you won’t have a bottom plate. This means that you need to anchor your feet to make training barefoot more difficult (if you prefer). Moreover, it will probably not support the same load as the X3 Bar if you are a weightlifter. Make sure the rod matches your weight when you buy it.

If you don’t want to make your own resistance belt system, one of the above portable training equipment is a good alternative to the X3 bar. They all offer a slightly different educational system, but all have the same ultraviolet-resistant bands and principles. The X3 Bar is the best option for strength athletes who need an alternative to lifting heavy free weights, but if you just want to get big, strong and gain some muscle mass (without the ridiculously high price tag), try one of the cheaper options:



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