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Is Jello Keto Friendly Sugar Free?

Is Jello Keto Friendly Sugar Free?

When I first lost so much weight a few years ago, sugar-free jelly may have been my only major diet attempt. Every morning I literally put a whole box of sugar-free jelly in the fridge and in the evening after dinner I cook a bowl of it.

An excellent sugar-free jelly when trying to lose weight is a low calorie, high volume jelly that allows me to do this sweet work, feeling full and without all the calories.

…but is he a friendly keto?

Is keto without icing sugar compatible? Kelly-sugar is keto-free, low in calories and ideal as a snack or dessert as part of a ketogenic diet.

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In this article we will see if sugar-free jelly can help you avoid ketosis, which is the case with sugar-free jelly, some ketosis-friendly recipes and even the BENEFITness of a ketosis diet.


Is Jello Keto Friendly Sugar Free?

A box of sugar-free jelly is removed from the ketose

If you’re on a ketogenic diet, you don’t have to worry about sugar-free jellies that protect you from ketosis or help you keep your head above water. Sugar-free jelly consists mainly of gelatine, sour flavours and artificial sweeteners.


There are no ingredients in SF jelly to worry about if you get ketosis in an accident.

To get rid of ketosis, you need to consume enough carbohydrates so that the body stops producing ketone and the sugar-free jelly does not.

Even the sweetness of artificial sweeteners is not enough to get out of ketosis.


Does sugar-free jelly contain carbohydrates?

Sugar-free jelly contains only ten calories per serving and no carbohydrates, because the calories are mainly derived from protein (gelatine).

None of the ingredients on the sugar-free label add carbohydrates to this healthy snack.

What is sugar-free jelly made of?

Most sugar-free jellies consist of water and gelatine. Gelatin is the sugar-free jelly… Well, it’s jelly because there’s no better term.

Gelatin is just a prepared form of collagen, so you get the same amino acid profile as if you were drinking hydrolyzed collagen, but in smaller amounts.


In addition to gelatin and salt, sugar-free jelly contains various acids that give it a sour taste and is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame powder.

Finally, there is an artificial flavor and coloring, depending on the flavor you get.

One portion (89 g) of jelly contains the following nutritional information:

  • Calories: 10
  • Thickness : 0 gr
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Protein: 1 g

Is Jello Keto Friendly Sugar Free?


Is sugar-free jelly sugar bad for you?

It depends on how you define evil.


The most common concern of people who eat sugar-free foods is whether an artificial sweetener is harmful to them.

…even water.

What most people do not understand is that not everything, including artificial sweeteners, ends up in the food environment for human consumption without strict regulations and safety assessments.

Aspartame and aceulfame K, sugar-free jelly sweeteners, are approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and the European Food Standards Agency [EFSA].

Scientific and technical data shall be made available to ensure the safety of products intended for human consumption.


Aspartame and acesulfame K are probably two of the oldest safety-studied artificial sweeteners.

However, if you are against aspartame, there are many new naturally sweetened gelatine mixes on the market, such as this one, made from one of the treats below.

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What are the benefits ofsugar-free jelly?

Sugar-free jelly can be an excellent remedy against hunger, and we know that hunger is a reality, especially when trying to lose weight.

SF jelly contains only 10 calories per serving or snack. If you buy a large powder mix, you only get 80 calories per jar of HIGH QUALITY jelly.


As sugar-free jelly also consists mainly of gelatine, it consists mainly of collagen proteins.

Collagen is the most common protein in your body and has many vital functions, including strengthening the bones and skin structure.

Consumption of collagen can have several beneficial properties, especially for health:

  • Softening of joint pain 1
  • Improve skin health 2
  • Prevention of bone loss 3
  • Hair and nail improvement 4

Sugar-free Keto-Jelly recipes

Sugar-free jelly can be made into a variety of health-safe treats that are not just standard gelatin drops.


Here are some of my favorite sugar-free treats with ketofir.

Whispering orange cream jelly

You’ve heard of cheese whips, but here’s the sweet version. Not really a crispy salty treat, but a deliciously sweet dessert.

Is Jello Keto Friendly Sugar Free?


Permission to eat pictures and recipes

There are also strawberries and cream to taste.

Sugar-free and jelly-free cheesecake

Turn a simple cheesecake into a sugar-free cheesecake.


Meldyfood Courtesy Recipe

Sugar-free jelly

Just to give the adults a little Sumakhin.

Well, you know… If you want to entertain guests at the Super Bowl and other events.

(or just having fun without anyone judging you)

Of course, replace the sugar-free jelly for this recipe and use any form.

Is Jello Keto Friendly Sugar Free?


Photo and recipe thanks to Stay Snatched


Not only is keto-jelly sugar-free, it is also very low in calories and contains only 10 calories per serving.

Sugar-free jelly is ready to eat, or you can save money and make your own by buying powder.

However, if you are against the use of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, you can try an alternative such as Simple Delish Jel dessert.


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In addition, sugar-free jelly is a great way to add a little more saturation, reduce sweetness and increase versatility in many other recipes.

Do you need any other treats or snacks with Keto? Discover my 40 best starters and the guide for keto sweets.



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