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Is this Spam Keto Friendly?

Is this Spam Keto Friendly?

If there are two foods I ate as a child, they must be spam and wine sausages.

  • I wonder if sausages are ketov-friendly.

When I started on a ketogenic diet, I naturally wondered if spam was ketogenic, and I found out.

Spam keto friendly? Original spam and light spam are compatible with keto. A spam or light spam contains only 1 gram of pure carbohydrates, while a whole glass contains 6 grams of pure carbohydrates.

  • Would you like to try different types of spam? Discover here the current prices of spam packages.

In this article I will talk about whether or not to eat spam after a ketogenic diet, its constituents, whether it is healthy (or not very healthy), and even some recipes for ketogenic spam.


Is this Spam Keto Friendly?

Can we eat spam on the keto?

A misconception about ketogenic diets is that the products are either ketogenic or non-ketogenic. The reality is that the keto is not a specific food, but a metabolic state that occurs during periods of carbohydrate restriction.


So, as long as you’re on your personal carbohydrate threshold, you can eat almost anything that has a ketogenic diet.

Of course, some foods are easier to prepare than others, and spam is one of them.

Spam is actually safe for the keto because it contains only 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving, but if you decide to treat yourself to the whole glass, it contains 6 grams of net carbohydrates.


However, if you have enough knowledge to access different types of spam, you will need to review nutrition labelling to make sure that a certain variety is low in carbohydrates and fits into your daily carbohydrate budget.

How many carbohydrates are in spam?

Given the popularity of spam around the world, many people are unaware that there are over a dozen popular flavors and varieties of canned meat.

Here is a table with all the different amounts of net carbohydrates in each type of spam per portion and per glass.


  • SPAM Classic 1 g / 6 g
  • SPAM Lite 1 gr / 6 gr
  • SPAM Less Sodium 1 g / 6 g
  • SPAM with bacon 1 gr / 6 gr
  • Oven roast turkey SPAM 1 gr / 6 gr.
  • SPAM Hickory Smoke 1 gr / 6 gr
  • SPAM Warm and spicy 2 g / 12 gr.
  • Spam Jalapeno 2 g / 12 g
  • SPAM Teriyaki 5 g / 30 g
  • SPAM Black pepper 2 gr / 12 gr
  • SPAM Chorizo 2 gr / 12 gr
  • Portuguese sausage SPAM 1 gr. 6 gr.
  • Spam Tocino 7 g / 42 gr
  • Spam Garlic 1 gr / 6 gr.
  • Spam 1 gr / 6 gr.
  • SPAM Mesclita 2 g/ 12 g
  • Spam distribution 1 gr / 2 gr

The main types of carbohydrates are mainly Teriyaki and Tokino with 5 and 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving, respectively. The other spam options contain only 1 or 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


What is spam?

Is this Spam Keto Friendly?


The original spam contains the items mentioned:

  • Pork and ham
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Modified potato starch
  • Sucre
  • Sodium nitrate

Depending on the variety or it may be that the ingredients are slightly different, because I have seen the original spam label with a slightly different ingredient. These ingredients come directly from the spam website, so they may not have changed the mentality so much.


In any case, they are all based on the same main components, but the last iteration has a smaller and cleaner list of components as far as I’m concerned.

Is spam healthy or bad for you?

No product is naturally good or bad for health, because too much is never good.

However, there may be a specific part of spam that worries some people, namely sodium nitrate.

Sodium nitrate is a preservative used in many meat products to extend the shelf life.


The reason for the concern about nitrates is that they have been demonised in the media, and there may be a good reason for that.

Some studies show that excessive consumption of sodium nitrate can be associated with diseases such as heart disease and certain types of cancer. 1 2

However, to counteract this, some studies suggest that the addition of inorganic nitrate may lower blood pressure. 3

It is best to consume any product containing nitrates, including spam, in slow motion.

What are the good ways to feed on spam

I make it easy on myself when it comes to my cooking. When I eat spam, I like to enjoy some eggs for breakfast or dinner with a bowl of cauliflower rice.


But if you want to be more creative in your kitchen, you can try some easy-to-use spam recipes here.

French fries of the ingredients

Yes, the only ingredient here is SPAM! Produced by cutting SPAM on sticks and boiling it in gold.

Is this Spam Keto Friendly?


Idea and pictures kindly provided by Fuss Free Flavors

Hawaiian garlic spa music in a bowl

You’ve probably heard of the keto egg roll in a bowl, well, it’s musubi spam in a bowl.

Spam is one of my favourite concessions when I have lunch in a Hawaiian restaurant, but when I try to take it a bit easier, it’s a good alternative.


Is this Spam Keto Friendly?

The photo and the recipe were kindly provided by the Asian company Low Carbing.


Thai Spam cups

I don’t know why they’re called cups of Thai spam salad, but let’s do it. While salad cups or wraps can be a good option for any hash, spam is a surprisingly good filling.

Is this Spam Keto Friendly?


Photo and recipe kindly provided by SPAM

Where can I buy spam?

Spam is available in almost every local grocery store you can imagine.

However, the different types of spam can be difficult to access and are only available in specialised shops or on the Internet.

  • Would you like to try different types of spam? Discover here the current prices of spam packages.


Accidents with spam

Did you know there is a Spam Museum?

It’s insane, isn’t it? I made a trip to the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota, when I visited a friend in Minneapolis.


Spam is also considered to be the national dish of Hawaii (not really, but in a certain sense)

Spam can be found in fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King on a trip to Hawaii. They also organize an annual spam jam to celebrate all SPAM.


Spam is a shortened version of the ham herb.

And one or more other not-so-random facts: Spam is a great heart-healthy snack that you can quickly fry in a pan, eat out of a glass or travel because it is not porous.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m really a fan of spam. If you are looking for something similar or an alternative to spam, you can try a Viennese sausage.


The original is, like many other variants of spam, keto-resistant and low carbon. On average, most types of spam contain only 1 gram of net carbohydrates per serving or 6 grams of net carbohydrates per glass.




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