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It is worth buying an electric scooter

The electric scooter industry may still be in its infancy, but these electric machines are enjoying increasing popularity every day. People who live in huge cities have been quick to adopt this novel inclination for purely practical reasons, with so many cars blocked in traffic, electric scooters are the quickest shortcut.

Factors such as their relatively low maintenance costs and since they have the possibility of folding easily for storage or transport, apart from the advantage of not arriving at your destination with a sweaty back, as happens with bikes, make them an insurmountable recipe. .

However, high demand goes hand in hand with high supply. While more and more people are looking for a scooter worth buying an electric scooter, the companies that generate them have multiplied like rabbits and others are entering the market right now. This means that you, the shoppers, now have hundreds of configurations to choose from, from affordable good electric scooters to powerful off-road scooters.

What should you pay attention to when buying an electric scooter is worth buying?

A. Performance

Performance is a critical aspect when deciding to spend the money for a new electric scooter. However, before choosing which level of performance is ideal for you, certain concepts should be discussed, such as speed, scooter capacity and range. We are going to observe them one by one.

1. The speed

Are you going to buy your first electric scooter? Haven’t had the option to ride one before? Well, in such a case, you might be better off with an entry-level electric scooter worth buying. Today, you can find a scooter with the ability to achieve speeds of over 60 km / h, but do you really need it?

As we observed, in the city you will be fine with an electric scooter that can reach about 25 km / h, which is already more than five times the speed you will achieve by walking (without running, of course).

Speed ​​is also conditioned by the type of usable space . And we all understand that not all the asphalt in the city is smooth. But there are electric scooters that have the possibility of reaching more than 60 km / h. On the other hand, ask yourself this: Is this speed limit a normal target for you?

Do you want to slalom near the cars parked at that speed? Of course, an electric scooter at 60km / h can be very entertaining if you can find a safe place with a smooth and smooth road area, but if not, you will never be able to enjoy it to the limit.

2. The power

The electric motor of a scooter can create from just 250 W to a maximum of 6,720 W. On the other hand, most electric scooters produce between 500 and 2000 W with one or two electric motors on the wheels.

A powerful electric motor is useful if your route has steeper climbs or if you drive through long, straight stretches of smooth asphalt with little traffic, if you want to achieve your maximum speed faster or if you want a cruise speed that will save you time and you are going to reach your destination without delay.

3.- The scope

Regarding the scope, try to think about how you will use the worth buying an electric scooter. Is your trip too long? Then you may want an electric scooter with a bigger battery. Of course, going for a bigger battery not only raises costs , but also adds more weight to the mix, which is something we’ll cover in the next section.

However, if you plan to use the best electric scooter india worth buying for gentle rides in the park on the weekend, you may not always need a scooter with a huge range.

Charging is equally critical here. If you plan to use your scooter per day, then go for one that charges faster (three to four hours).

If not, you can choose one that takes a bit longer to load, now that you won’t need it as commonly anyway. Tip: When you check the information of the worth buying an electric scooter to estimate the range, be sure to take into account that the producers increase the theoretical values ​​by 30% compared to what you will get in real life.

In addition, the arrival is affected by variables such as the weight of the driver, the load plus, the slope of the terrain, the quality of the area and the speed.

2. Comfort

Of course, riding an electric scooter should also be comfortable. By this we mean primarily the less vibration and probable jerks, the absence of pain in the wrist after prolonged use and a relaxed and anatomically precise position while driving.

A.- The wheels

Wheels are your link to the earth. They provide traction, but also help cushion the potholes that the rough trail can throw at you. Thus, when it comes to comfort on an electric scooter, it is essential to talk about wheels.

There are two types of wheels: air wheels and solid wheels.

The former are preconfigured on high-class scooters and work just like those in a car: the air inside gives a cushion that absorbs shock and so on. Air tires are better for handling, essentially on wet or slippery surfaces thanks to their flexibility, but they require more care and are very prone to punctures. Solid tires (or airless tires) have that point of resistance, but since there is nothing to absorb shock, you will feel almost every bump and jolt unless you choose ultra-flat surfaces to ride.

b. Suspension

Once you’ve made your tire selection, it’s time to focus on the suspension. If you choose an electric scooter with tires, a suspension system may not be a priority, or at least not an attractive system with multiple shock absorbers, as seen in high- performance electric scooters . However, if you know that your city has bad roads, a combination of the two (tires + suspension) can make the difference.

products that give an excellent value for money, more commonly, it is the most expensive electric scooters that deliver the best of everything in terms of range, speed, robustness, comfort and safety.

To put things in view, a 170 euro electric scooter is surely not going to offer any of the foregoing features, while an electric scooter that is priced at, say, 850 euro or more is worth buying. be better constituted and assembled, in this way, as more complete to satisfy your claims.


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