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Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”
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Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

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Jorge Fernando Garcia was killed on the 28th. Born April 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska. You’ll recognize him as the popular Hurley from the series Lost. (3)

Jorge Garcia has had weight loss problems from an early age, and just before his hearing in 2004 he weighed almost 400 pounds.

As you go through his life, you’ll see that Jorge Garcia’s weight loss not only made him fall, but also made him the best person to be where he is now(4). on youtube

Jorge Garcia Childhood

Jorge Garcia’s fight began at an early age when he was nicknamed Baby Faced Killer while a student at San Clemente High School in Orange County, not only because of his already huge size, but also because he was a fan of Abbott’s fight.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

After graduating high school, Jorge Garcia joined the Beverly Hills Playhouse, where he started his acting education.

Don’t get me wrong, Jorge Garcia never felt like he was living a healthy life, he understood the risk of obesity and in a way became famous for it.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

Others would be very ashamed of being overweight.

The difference came when he auditioned for Lost and had to lose weight. You can’t shoot 118 episodes of Lost on a desert island without answering the phone.

While jogging Garcia de Lost wrote a blog about a show called Dispatchers of Island.

He also hosted Beard Geronimo Jack’s weekly podcast, in which he and his then girlfriend, Bethany Lee Shady, talked about the 6th World Cup scenario.

Garcia is a production assistant and protagonist in an independent film called When We Were Pirates. He plays Jerry who, together with a group of good friends, learns that his childhood love of pirate gambling helps him to overcome some of the difficulties he encounters later in life.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

On the officially released YouTube video we see him singing in the studio for the upcoming project.

Jorge Garcia Weight loss

When Jorge Garcia began his journey to lose weight, he was already 46 years old. The reason that Jorge Garcia feels comfortable with his weight is that he has been like this since he was young.

In 2017 he embarked on a weight loss journey, losing 100 pounds.

Noh Dieta

After passing the audition in 2004 and realizing that he had to drop out to take part in the casting.

Jorge Garcia received a team of experienced trainers and nutritionists who helped him get through an extremely difficult process of weight loss by avoiding alcohol and starting a diet rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates.

Let’s look at Nuch.

Post Ration Nutrient Rich Yeast Racks.

It is an active yeast produced from sugar cane molasses and bats. It is usually used to decorate your favorite dishes such as popcorn and French fries.

It contains a cheesy yeast that nourishes the flavour, and can also be used as a substitute for cheese in a vegetarian dish. When Jorge Garcia’s weight loss got out of hand, his nutritionist kept returning to a nutritious yeast diet.

Until a few years ago, this would have been one of the best diets to feed an overweight person, but it only accounted for 30% of total weight loss.

I’m not saying we should completely forget the nutritious yeast diet, but in my case there are much better diets today, such as the keto diet and the Mediterranean diet.

There are also some side effects related to food yeast that we are going to look at.

  • May cause abdominal pain if not accustomed to high fibre
  • is good that it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as B12, some of its products contain tyramine, which can cause migraines and headaches

When Jorge Garcia came back and regained weight, he lost

His friends and family began to worry about the risk of diabetes or a sudden heart attack, and at that point he decided that we had reached a critical point.

Jorge Garcia takes the bull by the horns and becomes 100% vegan, after completely freeing him from the animal products of his life.

Not only that, but the dairy products as well. He continued with a nutritious yeast-based diet when Jorge Garcia’s 2017 weight goals were met.

He has lost about 1/4 of his original weight, while a tall man weighing 300 pounds, he is far beyond the risk of all sorts of diseases such as stroke and obesity.

After reaching his weight loss goals, Jorge Garcia was chosen to play Jerry Ortega in Hawaii 5-0.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

It appeared in the fourth season of this popular detective drama in 2013, and some Garcia fans were shocked to see these 400-pound men who are so thin but look incredible and still follow his vegan diet(6).

He was later recalled for another season in Hawaii for 5-0. After Garcia left the show in season 10 to continue writing a novel, it’s doubtful if he will return to the show…

When asked what he would do next, he replied that he loved his family life.

Jorge Garcia Kaihu podcast

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

Jorge Garcia Also jokes about giant monsters called kaiju and has a podcast of the same name. It’s a two-week podcast about movies with giant monsters Jorge Garcia Discusses movies with Godzilla King Kong and everything that tends to destroy humanity, here’s a reference from the podcast (1.2)

Jorge Garcia’sweight loss obsession has been suspended and he now has Rebecca Birdsall on September 22. June 2019 married near Leyslip Dublin Ireland.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He’s Almost “LOST”

After the ceremony, they went to Greece for their honeymoon, which was a real shock for some Jorge Garcia fans, because he wasn’t the kind of person who shared most of his romantic life.

In their wedding photos they decided to dress up as gorillas. She and Rebecca are really excited about Halloween.

Some facts about Jorge Garciayou may not know.

  • Educated as an actor, but graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Communications Science.
  • His character was made especially for Garcia, they noticed an actor in the film Curb Your Enthusiasm and therefore decided that Garcia would play a role in the film Lost.
  • He was not new in the show, because he had already auditioned for asaw.
  • 2010 Weezer released an album called Hurley, based on the character he played on Lost.
  • It appears in 118 episodes of 121, which is the most popular among all the actors.
  • Apparently he cried while reading the last script of The Lost.
  • Jorge Garcia is clearly also a big Star Wars fan.


Jorge Garcia of‘s weight loss has been difficult with him his whole life, but he has shown that you can lose weight with perseverance.

Although the actor has gained some weight over time, this indicates that the extra weight is a constant struggle.

Luckily, Jorge Garcia is a stand-up comedian by heart, and he didn’t care what people would think of him if I took a break from the limelight, and I can’t wait to see what Garcia has prepared for us next time.

If you like this celebrity article, we thought we’d do it weekly, let us know what you think of this visualization of Jorge Garcia’s slimming journey in the comments, and if it looks good on you, we’ll definitely do more in the future.

Jorge Garcia weighs in my book is one of the greatest inspirations and I hope everything goes well for this good-hearted actor.



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