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Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner?

Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner?

Disclosure of information: As an Amazon employee, I earn my living by making qualified purchases via links to Amazon for recommended products.

Kraftgun Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner? Two of the most popular massage guns in 2020 are the Theragun G3PRO and the Kraftgun. We decided to have two face-to-face meetings to find out which model is REALLY the best. Characteristics such as speed, amplitude, breaking force, sound and even delivery and price are important factors to take into account. We compare Kraftgun in depth with Theragun.

Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner?

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Note: If the Theragun falls outside your price range (although it is currently reduced by $150) and you don’t want to wait for the long 7-9 weeks needed to ship the Kraftgun, we recommend that you consider the Lifepro Pulse FX as an excellent alternative.

It is currently sold for only $299.99 (compared to $399.99) on the official website, with free shipping. And you can save $30 more with the voucher code SAVE30.

If you put Kraftgun and Pulse FX next to each other, you can see that they are almost exactly the same product (features and specifications), but in a different colour. He’s also very different from Theragun!

Check the Pulse FX Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner? .

Teragan took first place.

Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner?

Teragun G3PRO

Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner? Theragun was founded in 2008 by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland. After a motorcycle accident he developed a manual shock massage to treat his own injuries. When he discovered that it relieved his chronic muscle pain, he knew he had taken something and since then he has participated in several studies on recovery, muscle activation and pain relief through shock therapy.

A few years are dedicated to the development and refinement of the different versions of the product. The flagship model was launched in 2016 and the company’s latest professional percussion therapy device, the Theragun G3PRO, was launched in 2018. Today the Theragun G3Pro is used by athletes, sports teams and individuals all over the world.

Rifle inlet

Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner?

Quick-fire rifle

The Theragun is thought to be the first massage gun of this type on the market, but since then many products of this type have been marketed. Many do not match the original and the best, but in 2019 the Kraftgun was launched, claiming to be the most powerful massage gun on the market and the world’s first noise-cancelling massage gun powered by Samsung. The Kraftgun has quickly become popular thanks to the very aggressive marketing on social media and is now one of the most popular massage weapons.

But does he really meet her demands?

We will now compare Kraftgun and Theragun to see which one is the best and which one to buy (or not !) .

Comparison between Kraftgyun and Teragan


The Theragun has 2 speeds: 1750 rpm and 2400 rpm The Kraftgun has 3 speeds in the range of 1800 to 2400 rpm.


Both models have the same large amplitude of 16 mm. The amplitude depends mainly on the depth at which the massage head presses on the muscles. A higher amplitude is especially important for reaching deeper muscles that are further from the surface of the skin (e.g. the buttocks). Most massage guns have a smaller amplitude, 12 mm on average.

Tensile force

Kraftgun announces its strength in the form of 66-80 pounds (which is actually the highest score I’ve ever seen). Teragun, 60 pounds. The force of a collapse is the force you can apply to the stimulator before it falls or is cut off (for safety). Ultra-high stance forces are not really necessary – 60 pounds is more than enough for everyone – especially at such a high amplitude as these two.

Battery life

The Theragun comes with 2 replaceable batteries that last a total of 150 minutes (75 minutes each). Kraftgun has a strong battery that lasts about 3.5 hours on one charge, so it lasts a little longer. However, we like the idea of replacement batteries because it means that one battery can be recharged while the other is in use.


Massage machines no longer make the noise of a helicopter in your room, nor are they as noisy as the previous models. Kraftgan claims to be quiet – which is not entirely true, because it’s actually about 65 dB (it’s not even the quietest massage gun on the market). Teragun goes up to about 75 dB, so it’s not much louder. Both options are very convenient to use, even in public places such as the gym.


Both come with a travel case to store the massage gun and its accessories.


The Kraftgun has only 4 nozzles, while the Theragun has 6.


Here’s an aspect that makes a big difference. Whether you buy Theragun on an official website, from Amazon or any other online store, your order will be shipped immediately and should arrive within days. Maybe even the next day, if you choose this option on delivery (see shipping options on Amazon).

In recent months Kraftgun has had some distribution problems, and they have been going on for a long time. In fact, at the moment they say on their payment page that due to the high demand it will take 7-9 weeks to send the and! So if you buy a masseur out of necessity (e.g. to relieve the pain of an injury), it’s probably not an option for you. You need a massage gun that you can use immediately.


Kraftgun costs $369, while Theragun costs $ Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner? – completely different prices for a product that offers virtually the same. Kraftgun currently offers a $70 discount, although you can only buy for $299 (due to the long waiting time). But you can wait two or three months for your order…

Kraftgan versus Teragan: What to buy?

Kraftgun vs. Theragun Comparison: Who is the Winner? Both are indeed excellent products with very similar properties. Speed, amplitude and breaking force are in the same range, making them equally effective in achieving results. Both receive excellent feedback from customers and are high quality products.

However, if you compare Theragun and Kraftgun, there are certain elements that may influence your decision in some way.

Would you like a short massage? Then Kraftgun is not for you – at the time of writing, your order will only be shipped after 7-9 weeks. You can get your Theragun in the next few days if you buy it from a retailer such as (where it is currently for sale).

You want to save money and are not afraid to wait? In this case, Kraftgan is the best option. Because of the long waiting time they offer a $70 discount on your purchase. So you can get the for only $299,. Even when sold, Theragun costs about $150 more (although the products VERY have similar features). If you plan to buy the gift, make sure you buy it for a long period of time.

Or you can simply choose a product that we think is almost the same in every way, Lifepro Pulse FX , that has the same price and excellent customer feedback!

There are other small differences – for example, Kraftgun is a bit quieter, although not as quiet as advertised. The battery is not removable – while the Theragun has 2 replaceable batteries (a little more convenient as you will never have to stop charging the stimulator). Theragun also has 6 bits against 4 Kraftgans, but we’re not sure if it’s worth paying almost twice as much!

Do you need more information? Click here for our overview of the Theragun G3PRO



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