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LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

Looking for a home gym where you can train? Then you should check your guest card in Los Angeles. With this guest card you can discover what LA Fitness has to offer its customers and how it can help you not only work better, but also live healthier. In this article we will talk about what this gym is and how you can get a two week guest pass to study it.

What is fitness in Los Angeles?

LA Fitness is an extensive network of gyms in the United States, with more than 700 different clubs throughout the country. All sports facilities, such as swimming pools, basketball courts and high-quality fitness equipment, have many excellent resources at their disposal. It offers a membership that you can also buy for two different clubs: Multi-club and a club.

How much does an LA Fitness Guest Pass cost?

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

If you don’t have a friend who is already a member of this club, you can get a guest card for this club yourself. The LA Fitness Guest Card is absolutely free during the 5-day activation period, but after that you will have to wait a few weeks before you can get a new subscription.

However, if you are a member and want more privileges as a guest, it will cost you about $ $20 per month for these passes, which have more features than the free passes. Please note that a guest who has received this Guest Card once can only use it for a short period of time before it expires.

You can exchange your free pass for 5 days for you and your friend HERE.

Is there a free guest ticket with the LA Fitness membership?

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

Yes, the LA Fitness membership includes free passes that you can give to friends and family. This guest card differs from the free card mentioned above in that it is a VIP LA Fitnessguest card. This two-week guest card is issued by the manager of the club’s gym to which the member goes and allows the guest to visit and use more of the club’s facilities than those listed above.

In addition, for every guest who arrives at the gym within 90 days of receiving a guest card, a member can earn bonus points at their own expense at LA Fitness, which can be used to purchase sports equipment such as water bottles, bags and headphones.

Try a 14-day VIP pass and collect your points.

Los Angeles Aptitude Rules

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

When you get a Los Angeles Fitness Guest Card, there are certain rules you must follow. It is important to remember this in order not to break the rules that apply in this gym.

  • All gymnastics guests must attend an introductory session before they are allowed to use the gym and equipment.
  • Guests must undergo a physical fitness test before they are allowed to use the equipment.
  • Only one LA Fitness Unlimited Pass can be used by one person every 6 months.
  • To receive a guest card, you must register on the LA Fitness website. You will find here the form to fill in (name, email, address) to find your local club. You must then sign a form to confirm that you have read the instructions and printed the document.
  • Each guest must be at least 18 years old to use the gym alone. Guests 14 years of age or older may use the gym, but must always be accompanied by an adult when they come here.
  • In order to enter the gym, you must show a photo identification in order to use your passport.
  • The pass can only be used in one place: a local club.
  • You cannot use all facilities with this pass because you are not a member and some facilities and rooms may incur charges.

My recommended sports bag:

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

Benefits of using LA Fitness Gym

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

Image loan: ewhowell

There are many advantages to testing this gym. Here are some of the amenities and features that most clubs offer. However, please note that these vary depending on the club you are visiting, and some clubs may not allow you to use them all because you are not a member.

They offer many classes

LA Fitness offers many lessons for everyone. You will find the unique Aqua Fit class, which takes place in the heated pool of the club and is intended for the treatment of painful joints. There’s also belly dancing, hip-hop, Matt Pilates, cardio jam and tai chi, among other things. These courses take about an hour and even include a handy guide that tells you what to expect and what to bring with you during the lessons.

You have personal companions

If you need individual support for your physical condition, you can call on the services of a professional trainer. They can help you draw up daily training plans and even long-term goals. Most importantly, they can help you design specific workouts and show you the ideal equipment you can use to achieve your fitness goals. They will also assess your physical condition so that they can help you better.

You can receive scholarships

As mentioned above, this gym offers bonus points that you can use. Every time you use the gym or invite a guest, you can win rewards that allow you to receive cool gifts. One of the gifts you can win is an Apple watch once you reach 25,000 points.

You can create an account

LA Fitness Guest Pass: How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass Free: Ultimate Guide

A unique feature of this gym is that you can create your own account with which you can plan your classes and workouts and view the attendance history of your gym. He can even have you reserve the sports fields where you might want to play tennis or racketball. This account is a useful help to organize everything and follow your fitness treatments. You can also use it to add guests to receive a guest card.

With an LA Fitness Guest Pass you can discover much of what this fitness club has to offer. You will find many useful amenities and rewards that you can use and earn, making this club a great place to be. If you are looking for a club to train in, you should consider using your guest card to get to know this room.

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