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Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe Rogan is known all over the world.

At over 50 years old, he is stronger than most 30-year-old males and is as sharp as a shark’s teeth. Joe Rogan is charming, he defeats depression, he has a great body, and he lets you defy your truth.

And Joe Rogan takes supplements

But because he is such an experienced man, we want to know more about the supplements and brands approved by Joe Rogan.

Below you will find a complete list in which all these powders, drinks and capsules are considered from the point of view of their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out what you can take with you!

Who’s Joe Rogan?

Joseph James Rogan, shortly before Joe Rogan, is a definition of the modern renaissance man. Joe Rogan, born in 1967, is a famous stand-up artist, podcast host, actor and television presenter.

But he’s also a mixed martial arts commentator. Since 1997 he has been working at the championship in the highest circles and gives relevant interviews and colour commentary.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands And he’s also the guy who gave Alon Mask a joint in a radio interview.

Why does everyone love him?

Joe Rogan has built a large community of admirers who worship him. He is a truly optimistic and hospitable man to whom many of us respond.

He is competitive and determined in his pursuit of self-improvement.

He is a man with a high self-esteem, whose goal is to optimize the person and build a better version of himself – body, mind and soul.

That’s why I called him a modern Renaissance man. Joe Rogan wants to be zen.

Joe Rogan has treated his body like a temple since childhood.

Joe Rogan believes that you have to question yourself and change your attitude to life in order to succeed.

He’s the kind of man who talks: I’ve taken trips where my mind was slippery. But I don’t see anything wrong with that.

In a world full of stress, anxiety and depression, it’s no wonder that everyone (not just men) wants to look like Joe Rogan, who seems to have thought down to the smallest detail.

Why should you worry about the supplements he takes?

You may be familiar with Joe Rogan Experiencepodcast . This is the second most downloaded episode of the podcast on iTunes and currently includes more than 1,400 podcast episodes.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

He brings a lot of people on board, from fantastic actors to thinkers and fighters.

Joe Rogan is a role model for men of all ages and social and economic status.

He is the voice of a generation for everyone, a pop intellectual who makes you doubt your way of thinking.

He is constantly looking for a better, healthier and happier life, and accesses to stack are an important part of his building’s lifestyle.

Joe Rogan tried all the add-ons he talked about during the podcasts. His experience is authentic, full of details, and can help you decide what you want to try.

What about Joe Rogan’s wife?

Jessica was born in Texas at the University of California and has little presence on or offline. She’s pretty zen herself, considering she doesn’t believe in social media.

What are the additions to Joe Rogan’s performance?

Here are the supplements that Joe Rogan takes:

Protein powder – ruby red pits

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Onnit is one of the brands of additives approved by Joe Rogan, who takes his proteins very seriously. He gets them mainly from nature, because his work with Instagram mainly consists of eating a ton of moose.

Almost a year and a half ago he mentioned on Instagram that Onnit Protein Bites tasted delicious.

Macrocells for healthy eating

The ruby morsels

These rods also contain 5 g of fibre and 6 g of fat. So they are good for digestion and nutritious enough to avoid all those hungry jars. However, one bar contains 5g of sugar, which is not suitable for a diet low in carbohydrates or ketos.

Microelements for a healthy body

Onnit Protein Bites are not GMOs, so it’s easy to see how they fit into Joe Rogan’s lifestyle. Take a look at the list of ingredients and you’ll also see over 60 plant nutrients, including the sacred lotus plant, ginger or watermelon.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

These nutrients combine well with whey protein, which has a complete amino acid profile and gives you strong muscles and a healthy body.

Ingredients from herbs, fruit, flowers, nuts, seeds and vegetables contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and everything your body needs to be healthy and strong.

There is a wealth of research to support each of these ingredients and the fact that they are combined in this particular formula.


  • Convenient and easy to pack
  • Nourishing and satisfying
  • Many flavors including chocolate peanut butter, chocolate biscuits, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla almonds.
  • For mass construction and as preparatory work
  • Contains MCTs that accelerate fat burning and promote mental clarity.
  • Can be purchased as one bar, two packs or 24 packs each.
  • No gluten, no GMOs.
  • The onnit codes are available in several Joe Rogan’s Experience podcasts.


  • Not quite clean (Xanthan Gam).
  • Non-hypoallergenic (contains milk, soy and nuts).
  • Some users don’t like the taste

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Before training – Shroom Tech Sport

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe Rogan has been involved in Shroom Tech Sport for some time now. You can see the post on Instagram in 2015 stating that Alpha Brain and Shrum Tech Sports are his training for nature, but he also posted about it in 2019.

Onnit is a company that gets a lot of support from Joe Rogan, probably because they pay a lot of attention to the research of their products.

12-week clinical trial at Florida State University

The results of this search are available on the official website of Onnit Supplements. The scar of Tech Sport is getting bigger and bigger:

  • 12% Bank press
  • Press benches and knees bend by 7%.
  • Heart performance increased by 8.8 percent.

Shroom Tech Sport has been specially developed for athletes and therefore offers clean, doping-free energy and many health benefits.

It also needs Onnit New Mood (mood and stress support – contains magnesium and plant extracts).

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Traditional ingredients that boost your energy

  • Cordyceps cinensis. Caterpillar mushroom from Tibet, which contains adenosine, cordy acetic acid and a large amount of nutrients. This fungus increases aerobic capacity by helping the body use more oxygen.
  • Ashwaganda is an herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. Known as Indian ginseng, it helps your body cope with stress, so you are mentally retarded and react quickly. This plant contains fatty acids, alkaloids and amino acids.
  • Green tea extract has antioxidant properties, protects against stress, improves metabolism and increases energy.
  • Rhodiola is another source of energy that increases the performance of the heart and improves resistance to cardiovascular disease.
  • Methyl B-12 protects against neurotoxicity and fatigue.


  • Improves oxygen use, which increases endurance and shortens recovery time.
  • Gives the body a large charge of energy on a cellular level, so you can fight fatigue.
  • It contains no caffeine because it stimulates the production of ATP.
  • No soy, vegan and gluten.


  • Dear Sir
  • Not a huge energy charge, but a steady release of energy.
  • Some do not respond well to vitamin B, which makes them nervous rather than energetic.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Green food supplements – land grown nutrients

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

In his episode of the podcast Joe Rogan talked about the nutrients that grow in the earth and which he recently tweeted.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

This supplement is full of organic trace elements that you can’t find in the diet.

Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients, which contain probiotics and digestive enzymes, keep your digestive system healthy. In this way, your body can absorb all the necessary nutrients in the long term.

All greens you need are.

This dietary supplement facilitates a varied diet consisting of a recommended daily dose of green vegetables.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

From alfalfa extract to herbs made from barley, cabbage, seaweed, moringa, oats and wheat – the nutrients grown on land have all the greenery you need.

Good detoxification

Earth Grown Nutrients contains ingredients such as dandelion, thistle, nettle and schisandra that help detoxify the body.

Rich in antioxidants

Onnit Champion Blend contains ingredients such as lucum, purple corn and other super products that fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and greatly increase your immunity.

Improves endurance and cardiovascular strength

A mix of organic beets, cranberries and carrots helps the heart, lowers blood pressure and improves stamina.


  • For a healthy lifestyle.
  • For a universal diet.
  • Improves your energy level.
  • Vegan, no milk or soy.
  • Available in the flavours black cherry and lemon mint


  • Many people complain about the taste
  • Some users feel that the new formula contains too many carbohydrates to support a ketone diet, even though it only contains one gram sugar/skin.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe Rogan Vitamins and Minerals as taken daily

Multivitamin – Sports capsules pure packed

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Shown in episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast Experience with Tom Dad in 2016, Clean Encapsulations Athletic Joe Rogan’s package is packed in the morning.


All vitamins are ready in one package. It is not necessary to have separate vitamin bottles on the dressing table.

For sports performance

This multivitamin supplement by Joe Rogan is specially formulated for for athletes and for someone with a feverishschedule.

  • Vitamins and minerals help you save energy and health.
  • EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids fight free radicals.
  • creatine gives you strength.
  • Vitamin C has antioxidant and cardiovascular properties.
  • Coenzyme Q10 helps your joints.
  • L-Glutamine contains the amino acids your muscles need most.

Made from hypoallergenic ingredients

These multivitamins do not contain gluten, eggs, nuts or wheat.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Multivitamins do not contain trans fats, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives.


  • Cleaning
  • Improve your stamina, strength and energy.
  • Help your muscles and joints
  • A comfortable website


  • High chromium content, which is an insignificant trace element with no proven advantage
  • Dear Sir
  • Might affect your sleep.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Omega-3 Fish oil – Omega-3Carlson

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Carlson’s omega-3 fish fat is on the list of the most important nutritional supplements for brain health, compiled by Joe Rogan and Dr. Rhonda Patrick Podcast.

Contains macro-elements

In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, this fish oil also contains medium-chain triglycerides and essential fatty acids that help the body burn fat reserves, improve metabolism and maintain a healthy heart. Added fibre improves nutrient uptake.

Fish oil can affect brain health

Recent studies show the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on brain health, and additional MCTs promote mental clarity. The glutamine peptides on the list of ingredients will help you to recover as they reduce fatigue and help the brain to fight fatigue.

Fish oil can improve muscle mass

The multifunctional protein mixture supports the muscles for 8 hours, while a complex carbohydrate mixture provides the muscles with all the energy they need. Amino acids from milk and whey penetrate directly into the muscles.

Calorie Wrap

This food supplement is high in calories, but it reduces the number of hungry pots and pans because it is full of fat, protein and healthy fiber. Carlson’s Omega 3 is a nutritious snack that helps you lose weight.


  • Fish oil helps you lose weight.
  • Keeps you healthy.
  • Improves knowledge and clarity of mind.
  • Gives you strength.


  • Characteristics of the different flavours, thickeners and sweeteners
  • It doesn’t taste so good.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Vitamin D – Smart studies – D3 1,000iu

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe has talked about the importance of vitamin D3 in various podcasts and clips. In her interview, Dr. Rhonda Patrick said that you need 4000iu of vitamin D3 a day. This gives four vitamins D3 Thorne Research 1,000 Yu capsule per day.

Although Joe Rogan reported that he was taking D3 Sgar 5000iu, this was still in 2011 and a dose of 5000iu can have dangerous consequences for your health. Thorne Research contains 1000 iu/capsules, so you can easily adjust the dose according to your doctor’s instructions. This vitamin:


  • This vitamin d3 is pure.
  • Necessary to maintain healthy bones, brain and immune system.
  • Based on cholecalciferol, it is the best source of vitamin D because it is more easily metabolized. Other types of vitamin D are excreted in the urine because your body cannot break it down.
  • No additives. No lactose or preservatives.
  • It comes from high quality ingredients.
  • Produced won the American object, with a process that does not inhibit absorption.
  • Thoroughly tested in four rounds.
  • Respect for the environment
  • Easy to swallow


  • You may need to take a few pills during the day, so it’s not a single dose and you’re done.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Glucosamine and Chondroitin – 365 Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe Rogan, first mentioned at the Mixed Martial Arts Forum, admits to using glucosamine and chondroitin in his home supplements.

Although there is no online evidence that Joe Rogan uses Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM from Glucosamine 365, this application comes closest to his personal recipe, which you can read about on the above forum.

There are 120 capsules per box each containing 200 mg chondroitin sulphate, 1200 mg glucosamine sulphate and 600 mg methylsulfonylmethane. Chondroitin and glucosamine are extracted from fish cartilage and keep your joints healthy.


  • It’s good for the joints.
  • Keep your cartilage healthy.
  • It’s universal. Can be used for all types of training


  • It’s embarrassing. You should take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening…
  • Although they have a gel capsule on the outside, the pills are large and can therefore be difficult to swallow.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands


Joe Rogan talked about the importance of probiotics and it is no secret that Onnit is on his list of recommendations.


Onit’s general intestinal health includes the bacteria that support your digestive system. While products such as yoghurt are good probiotics, Total Gut Health includes the five most resistant strains that can affect intestinal health.

Maintains normal and healthy flora

Total Gut Health includes Saccharomyces, a probiotic yeast that protects the intestine against bacteria, especially when you’re not at home.

Food for the bacteria in your intestines

Dandelion root and Jerusalem artichoke fibres are not fully digested when they reach the large intestine, so they become food for the good bacteria that live there. These bacteria are called microbiotics, and it’s the immune cells in your gut that fight for your health.

Digestive aid

Total Gut Health contains the DigesTech formula, which contains a large number of enzymes that help break down foods that are difficult to digest, such as fibre, fat, lactose and starch.

This supplement also contains betaine HCl, which maintains normal acidity in the stomach to improve digestion.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands


  • A comfortable website
  • It’s easy to accept
  • Protects your intestinal microbiota
  • Digestive aid
  • No milk, no gluten, no soy.
  • BSCG certified freely available product


  • California Profile 65 Warning Supplement
  • It may take more than two weeks to see if it works.
  • You have to take seven pills at once.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Nootropic substances


Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

On Twitter Joe Rogan says that Neuro1 is something great. In a podcast with David Sinclair, Joe Rogan also admits to taking Neuro1, along with other nutropics. I hope that’s true, because Neuro1 promises to improve concentration and memory. Neuro1 contains 27 ingredients that are presented as neural ingredients and give you concentration and clarity.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

This spirit promises to concentrate for a few hours and at the same time achieve a significant increase in stamina.

  • Contains prebiotic fibres for the addition of microbiota.
  • L-glutamine is an essential neurotransmitter that improves memory and concentration. It helps prebiotic fibers to maintain a healthy bowel.
  • Wisteria dilates the micro vessels of the brain and supports the neurochemistry of the brain.
  • L-tyrosine improves memory and concentration.
  • A mix of caffeine, taurine, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and other ingredients will increase your energy and transparency.
  • A mix of pink rhodiola, magnesium, vitamin B6 and L-theanine will stabilize your mood.
  • Vitamins C and E, zinc, coenzyme Q10 and selenium reduce stress and support the immune system.


  • Helps memory and concentration.
  • Stabilizes mood and reduces stress.
  • Supports your digestive system


  • Your own mixture – you don’t know the proportions of these ingredients.
  • For some people, the addition of caffeine and/or vitamin B6 can cause chills.


Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

In Joe Rogan’s experience TruBrain is another good nutropic based on mixing:

  • Piracet iimproves memory, reduces inflammation and improves brain function.
  • Oxyrazetham remains alert because it brings more oxygen to the brain and releases acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that acts as a brain stimulant.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine improves mood, learning, stamina and memory.
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine increases attention, motivation, concentration and memory.
  • Magnesium improves mood and brings clarity of mind.
  • L-Theanine improves concentration, helps relaxation and improves cognitive skills.
  • Caffeine acts as a brain stimulant.


  • Comes in practical travel bags.
  • It’s effective.
  • It mixes ingredients that give you energy with ingredients that help you relax.


  • Coffee can make you nervous.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Brain supplements

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Alpha Brain is an endortivum Rogan by Onnit, which you can find in capsule form, while Alpha Brain Instant is available in a more convenient pouch form.

Ownership components:

  • Alpha GPC increases energy and power.
  • Bakopa improves brain function and reduces stress.
  • Guperzine A improves memory, learning and alertness.
  • L-theanine improves concentration, cognitive performance and helps to relax.
  • Vinpocetin improves the heart and brings more oxygen to the brain.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands


  • Alpha Brain Improves mood, memory, clarity of mind and concentration.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • The alpha brain helps you sleep better.
  • Reducing the risk of dependency
  • The Alpha brain is being clinically tested
  • The Alpha brain is caffeine and gluten free.
  • Vegetarian


  • Onnit
  • Alpha Brain
  • funded research on alpha-brain power.
  • Dear Sir

Coffee caveman

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe Rogan says Caveman coffee is his new favorite way to start the day at Instagram.

Nitro de Caveman fresh beer:

  • Made from high quality beans from South America.
  • is filled with nitrogen, so there’s no need to cool it down.
  • He’s got good taste.
  • Contains a lot of caffeine (250 mg of caffeine per glass), but no sugar or additives.
  • A good addition to pre-training, especially mixed with MCT.
  • It’s only 15 calories per can.


  • Dear Sir

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Lion mushroom

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Rogan discusses the benefits of mushrooms in one of his podcasts with Paul Stamets, alias The Mushroom Guy.

Joe Rogan claims that the lion’s moons are perfectly safe and legal. This supplement supports neurogenesis, resulting in the birth of neurons. That’s why you announce the Lionman as a miracle worker:

  • cognitive skills
  • The power of concentration
  • Memory and Commemoration

The lion’s moons help regenerate the nerves, which also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands


  • Yeah, of course.
  • Herbs
  • Nootropic. Supporting productivity and creativity
  • No known side effects.
  • certified vegan and paleo
  • No sugar.
  • Practical bags
  • Five calories/service
  • organic


  • Taste and aftertaste of stevia
  • Small portions
  • Dear Sir
  • Possibility of gastrointestinal coercion (spasms)

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Which exogenous ketones does Joe Rogan add?

Kegenix Prime

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Kegenix Prime is one of the brands approved by Joe Rogan for his Instagram account.

Kegenix promises to start with ketosis, the process by which your body burns fat instead of glucose as fuel. As a result, you did:

  • Lose more weight, especially fat.
  • More power.
  • Be more accurate and clear.
  • Be in a better mood.

This food supplement based on BHB and MCT salts allows you to consume slightly more carbohydrates than a very strict keto diet allows.

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

  • BHBs are exogenous ketones that increase the natural level of ketones in your body, so you can go into ketosis within 60 minutes.
  • MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are easily absorbed by fatty acids that stimulate your metabolism and help your body to produce its own ketones so you can stay in ketosis.


  • Made from high quality ingredients.
  • Tasty
  • The kick starts and keeps you in ketosis.
  • Contains electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) for good hydration and digestive support.


  • Dear Sir
  • Maybe it’s too soft for some people.
  • You can start packing in a few weeks.

Words from the end of the extra stackJoe Roganne

Stack of Joe Rogan Supplements (2019 List): Products & Brands

Joe Rogan takes a lot of supplements. Based on conversations with people like David Sinclair, he believes that fatigue or old age are diseases that need to be treated. For example, don’t forget that Onnit was one of the main sponsors.

Joe Rogan is now a major shareholder in the company, perhaps because Joe Rogan trusts the company and takes over the products. Or maybe it’s because Joe makes a lot of money off a bunch of unis, who knows.

But because of the glamour of marketing, all the above products have received good reviews from the people who have used them.

From your office workers to athletes and exhausted mothers, most people who have tried Joe Rogan’s supplements are satisfied.

Don’t forget to take them all at once, examine them and talk to your therapist if you have any suspicions or questions.



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