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Strength training for women – the key to a dream body

Even if the strength range in fitness studios is no longer just male territory, muscle building and strength training are still daunting topics for women. The  fear of huge, masculine  mountains of muscles  and the  loss of feminine curves is omnipresent and particularly inhibits those who want to lose weight from using strength training and heavy weights. Weight training is the key to long-term success, especially when it comes to shedding a few pounds or shedding body fat.

Numerous stars from the film, music and sports scene show how it is done. They post their training successes or favorite exercises on social networks. With the compact training coach, we want to help women forget their fear of weights and discover strength training for themselves. Because: on the way to the dream figure, strength training is an indispensable partner.

Can you lose weight with weight training as a woman?

First things first: To lose weight you need a calorie deficit. With your training you support the weight loss process by increasing your calorie consumption and maintaining muscle . If you also do strength training exercises, you are signaling to your body that you still need your muscles. That keeps him from breaking it down. Result: You lose weight and have a well-shaped body.

Take your training to the next level

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Why endurance training isn’t everything

It can often be observed that women in the gym predominantly use cardio equipment and avoid both free weights and weight machines. The key to success for a tight, defined body lies   in strength training.

Muscle mass accounts for almost a quarter of our daily energy expenditure with 22%. Muscles are our best weapon in the fight against extra pounds and love handles. You burn additional calories even when you are resting, thereby increasing your basal metabolic rate. This promotes fat loss in the long term.

Strength training with the right training plan not only builds valuable muscle mass in women, but also ensures that existing muscles are maintained. Pure endurance training combined with a reduced-calorie diet creates a calorie deficit, but in the long term, weight loss is also accompanied by a loss of muscle mass.

By the way:  Just like with strength training, the myth continues to circulate that women and protein shakes do not go together. We’ll dispel these myths and show you the benefits of protein intake.

Prevent muscle building

The loss of muscle mass reduces the body’s energy requirement, which often remains even after the weight loss.

The consequences:

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to create enough calorie deficit for diet and burn body fat.
  • After losing weight, the “yo-yo effect” threatens.

This is where strength training for women at a gym only for ladies near me comes in. It helps maintain, define, and burn fat. Endurance training is a useful addition to strength training. It helps save more calories, increase performance and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Don’t be afraid of mountains of muscles

The fear of building up mountains of masculine muscle through frequent strength and dumbbell training is completely unfounded in women. Women are programmed differently biologically than men. Although they have the same muscle structure, they usually produce far less testosterone – a powerful muscle-building hormone. As a result, other characteristics also differ in terms of muscle building, strength values ​​and body fat percentage. Therefore, the following applies to women:  There are no huge mountains of muscles, but beautifully shaped and defined curves.

In order to challenge the muscles during training and to achieve visible definitions, sufficient resistance is required. This also requires the right training plan in order to quickly achieve visible results.

How women benefit from strength training

Defined, toned body shapes are one of the many benefits strength training has for women. The entire body is toned and the muscles are defined, which also benefits the female stature. With an overall higher percentage of muscle mass and a reduced body fat percentage, the contours are more visible and the feminine curves are better presented.

In contrast to endurance training, individual muscles and muscle groups can be trained to a greater extent, which enables targeted shaping of individual body parts.

The body proportions can be influenced in such a way that the overall appearance of the body appears more harmonious. For example, a wide pelvis can be balanced through targeted training of the upper body. Last but not least, strength training also contributes to general health and a significantly better body feeling in women.

Improved body awareness  increases the quality of life and well-being  in everyday life – those who feel good in their body automatically builds more self-confidence and self-confidence. The training of the back, arm and chest area in particular improves posture and counteracts negative health consequences, especially in jobs with little movement.

An advantage for women with little time and a limited budget: In principle, it is possible to do strength training at home without having to register in a gym. With the help of training equipment such as kettlebells or dumbbells, you can also do a workout within your own four walls. Already  in half an hour  , the entire body can  effectively train.

How long and how often a week should you do strength training as a woman?

How often you should do strength training per week depends on your starting position . For beginners 2 training units per week are sufficient , while as an experienced , well-trained woman you can easily train your entire body 3 times a week . Make sure you give your muscles enough time to regenerate and plan at least a day off between your workouts. Muscle growth takes place in the recovery phase. Therefore: less is more.

With strength training, you don’t have to work out hours in the gym. If you want to build muscle, the training duration should be a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes . If you train too long, the stress hormone cortisol will be released. This can mean that your training successes fail and you can no longer see any progress.

Also, don’t forget to improve as you exercise over time. You can do this, for example, by doing more repetitions or taking more weight than before. Important: A clean execution always remains in focus!


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